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Pro-life movement declares every sperm cell is a life

Prolife movement in the United States has emerged to reiterate their position against the termination of human life through abortion by declaring that every sperm cell is a life and therefore ejaculation is murder.

What is the prolife movement

The pro-life movement, also known as the anti-abortion moment or right-to-life movement began its operations in 1968. It is made up of several smaller groups of people from diverse religions, made of people from all ages, creed and walks of life. They advocate for the preservation of human life by taking actions against laws that permit abortion, which they consider murder.

The never-ending debate concerning abortion has been taken to a whole new level that has generated both positive and negative reactions from nooks and crannies with the prolife movement saying ejaculation is murder. They have come forward to also insist that strict laws be passed into law against the practice.

in the words of a prolife activist, Richard Stratt, “God made men’s semen for a purpose, (which is reproduction), and you cannot just “waste” that purpose by gratifying yourself when ever you want to”. “Ejaculation is murder and every sperm call is a life”.

About Ejaculation

According to Wikitionary, ejaculation is a reflex in human beings and other mammals in response to sexual stimulation involving the forcible ejection of semen from the urethra in males and vaginal fluid in females.

The sperm cell is the reproductive cell or hamster of the male that joins an ovum in a female during copulation to form a zygote that further develops into a baby. Murder on the other hand can be defined as the deliberate act of killing another being especially a human.

In a protest, Richard Stratt and her group of protesters called for a law that will make ejaculation for self gratification illegal in every state across the country. She explicitly stated that “millions and millions of innocent lives are wasted everyday while men have lustful thoughts or watch pornography on PornHub (a website that contains lots of adult films and x-rated videos). We have to put a stop to this as a human race. Save the sperm, save the children!”

Killing sperm is murder

While this has trailed so many negative comments and reactions, many people have thrown in their voices to support the movement.

In opposition to the movement of pro-Lifers, a few people have made funny statements such as “if abortion was murder then that same logic can be applied to a man and everytime he ejaculates, he is committing genocide” and “you can ejaculate all day and “you can ejaculate all day, it will never turn into a human unless you do it in a woman and she gets pregnant”.

Why it does not make sense

This proposition by the group can be absurd for different reasons. One of them is that, medically, it has been said that a young boy who has just attainted the age of puberty has to ejaculate, producing a much lighter than normal liquid, signifying growth and attainment of the ‘men’s status’. If this is anything to go by, would it then be said that the natural process of growth is a faulty one and hence there has to be policing to ensure that no whitish substance is produced during puberty but growth has to take place?

Again, it has been said medically that before ejaculation occurs, there has to be contractions, the first of which are almost not noticeable to the man. When this point of contractions occur, an involuntary process which cannot be controlled by the man takes over, giving him no option but to cum. Many people prefer to refer to this as the ‘point of no return’. If this is also to be given cognizance, then the natural process has also been faulted. Perhaps, if a man could control his ‘involuntary movements’ then ejaculation would not be seen as murder by the prolifers.

Like many others have said, no man chooses to ejaculate.

I think the ProLifers should rechannel their energy towards immoral ways such as masturbation and lustful thinking that lead to ejaculation instead of faulting the whole process.

And how the group proposes to monitor people and make sure ejaculation is reduced to the nearest minimum or eradicated can only be left to the imagination.

If certain devices would be installed to monitor couples who wish to have fun without making babies or some forensic scientists would go from house to house inspecting floors and surfaces looking for little white men that no longer exist.